Auto-DM your customers

Trustwave makes it easy for you to keep business records and helps you look professional by updating your customers on fulfillment and payment statuses automatically.

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Make your customers day

Merchants that use TrustWave offer their customers a better shopping experience, resulting in more repeat business and bigger profits.

Understand your performance

Better than your order book

When you use TrustWave to keep records, you learn how your business works faster than when you use a physical order book.

Increase your visibility for free by using TrustWave

Get featured on the catalog

When you sell with TrustWave, you get featured on our online catalog, boosting visibilty for your shop.

Automated customer notifications

Auto-DM your customers

Give your customers a professional experience, without breaking the bank.

Automatically track your results

Keep track of your sales

See your daily, weekly and monthly sales, and your most popular products.

Safekeeping for your records

Never lose your business records

It is now easier than a pen and paper to take down a client order and have it saved somewhere you can never lose it.

Is this for me?

TrustWave is right for you if...

You accept orders via DMs

TrustWave is built for entrepreneurs who use Instagram to sell and DMs/WhatsApp to accept orders from customers.

You want to keep track of orders without using pen & paper

TrustWave is designed as a simple replacement for your little black book

Access your orders anywhere you have data, and ditch the pen & paper

You want to get paid faster

TrustWave automatically sends your customers WhatsApp and SMS messages reminding them to pay you.

Allow your customers to pay with M-Pesa with a single click.


What does this cost?

TrustWave makes it easier for your customers to pay you with a simple "Pay with M-Pesa" button. Your customers don't need to remember your Til, and you can send them an STK push any time to remind them to pay.

3% commission on sales

Only pay 3% percent on sales you process through TrustWave.

Ksh1,000-3,000 p/m for shelving space

Display your products in our CBD shop for as little as Ksh 1,000 p/m. Learn more here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered

Is your App available on the Play Store?

Yes, you can download TrustWave from the Play Store here.

How do I get started?

Simply visit, enter your business details, and start tracking orders today.

What does this cost?

TrustWave takes a 3% commission on sales processed through the app.

Does this work on a computer too?

It sure does! TrustWave is accessible from any device that has an internet connection.

I have employees. Can I have multiple users on one account?

Yes! TrustWave is built to allow multiple people to access one account.


Sifa za TrustWave

We make it easier to run and grow your online store.

Easy to Use

Available on both computers and mobile, and simply designed.

Auto-DM your mtejas

Send professional updates about delivery timing & more.

Uses little data

TrustWave doesn't drain your data bundle.

Send invoices & receipts

Automatically send invoices and receipts to mtejas.

Send payment reminders

Messages we send to customers have a payment reminder.

Blog Posts

Hundreds of businesses trust TrustWave

"TrustWave keeps track of my clients for me. That way, when I'm delivering to repeat clients, I don't have to keep asking them for their details.

Owner of Mama Boyz

"My clients are able to trace their orders. It's just genius. It's awesome. With online shopping, people have a lot of insecurities, so the client knowing that the product is on it's way is huge.

Owner of Lytsal Decors
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Keep track of any order

Empower yourself with digital record-keeping

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